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Boat SUP Racks

Magma Rail Mounted Kayak and SUP Rack Review

The magma rail mount sup rack is a good solution for anyone looking to mount paddleboards or kayaks off the side of a boat. The racks come with everything you...

Breakfast In Bed. In A Tent

6 Reasons Why Camping Should Be A Part Of Your Vacation

Most of us have been camping at least once in our life and know the feeling of sleeping under the stars and out in nature. For a lot of people...

Traveling Essentials

7 Traveling Essentials I Would NOT Go Without! – Stay Nomadic

Whether its sailing, camping, or #vanlife, there are a few essentials that I will always want on my adventures no matter where I go. These convenient tools help keep my travels...

Sailing Tula

How To Go On An Epic Sailing Adventure And Live The Dream

Let’s Face it, we have all at some point in our lives dreamed about selling everything and setting sail into the orange glow of the setting sun. Dropping anchor off...

Florida Springs Guide

A Simple Guide To Some Of The Most Amazing Springs In Florida

There are 26 first magnitude fresh water springs in Florida. Some are small sand boils and some are huge caverns with collapsed roofs. This super simple guide will introduce you...

Devil's Den

Devil’s Den – The coolest cavern and fresh water spring in Florida

Devils Den is an amazing place to visit in Northern Florida. Make sure to bring your camera, snorkel gear, and a wetsuit 😉 This is the amazing view you get...

Rock Out 2 Speaker

Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Speaker Review

Here is a short Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Speaker review. This speaker produces awesome sound from anything with an audio jack. I use it with my iPhone or laptop when...

how to become a kiteboard instructor

How To Become A Kiteboard Instructor – And Why You Should

This article will teach you the steps on how to become a kiteboard instructor and tell you the main reasons why you should be a kiteboard instructor. Being an instructor,...

Nantucket Harbor View

7 Small Seaside Towns That You Need To Visit – And What To Do There

The most amazing places to visit are the small seaside watery towns around the world with local history, amazing views, and wonderful people. Here are 7 small seaside towns along the East Coast that...

Barrel Bolt Lock

How To DIY Homemade Tailgate Lock

In this article we go over how to make a homemade tailgate lock for your pickup tailgate using a barrel bolt. This works great if you have a locking cap...

9 Gift Ideas For The

9 Great Gift Ideas For The Paddle Boarder In Your Life

We pretty much all have a paddle boarder in our life. They might be tough to buy a gift for, especially if you are not that familiar with the sport....

2014 Pacifico Challenge Paddleboard Race

Why You Need To Enter The Pacifico Challenge Paddleboard Race Next Year

The Pacifico Challenge paddle board race in St. Pete was such a great event. I recommend it for any paddler and here is why. It Is Well Organized There is...

Choppy Conditions

8 Reasons You Need To Get In The Ocean Even Though Conditions Suck

1. Salt Water Cures Everything. Tears, sweat, and the sea. 2. It makes you a better surfer, paddler, kiter, etc. If you can surf crappy waves well, you can surf...


Why You Should Never Take ANYTHING For Granted  

It might be there one second and gone the next. “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” Being thankful is much easier. Being thankful makes you a happy...

Fin Using The Selfie Stick Like A Pro

4 Best Gopro Mounts For The Everyday Waterman

  Here’s a quick post on some of the best gopro mounts, where to get them or how to make them and some great techniques to using them. These mounts are...

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