Liveabord Sailboat

It’s definitely not for everybody but here are the top 10 reasons why living on a small boat is amazing for me!


1. It’s like living in that fort you made when you were a kid


2. It’s cozy, especially when it’s cool outside


3. You are living on the water… what’s better than that?!?

The Crows Nest

The Crows Nest

4. You make a ton of friends (if you want)

Everybody wants to be friends with the guy that lives on a boat. (As long as you’re not too crazy..)

5. It’s a chick magnet

“Hey, wanna come back to my yacht…”


6. It helps you think outside the box

You can either row gallons of water back and forth or you can funnel it from your sails and bimini.


7. It helps you plan ahead

Do your triple check 3 times. If you forget your wallet you have to row all the way back…

Morning Commute

Morning Commute

8. It keeps you from having a lot of stuff

Stuff sucks. You don’t need it. It clutters your mind and space.


9. It is a place of your own

You are the captain and you don’t have to let anyone aboard if you don’t want.

Liveabord Sunrise

Liveabord Sunrise


10. You can move anytime you want within minutes (a few)

Don’t like your neighbors?