Hauling any boat is a big project, being prepared can significantly decrease the time you spend in the yard. Here is our yearly to do list when ourĀ boat is high and dry:

Trawler being hauled out

Trawler being hauled out

The bottom: This is usually the biggest project. Check and see what you are growing down there, you might have started an entire ecosystem. As cool as that is, without those extra critters you will ride much more efficiently. The bottom must be scraped, power washed, sanded, and panted with anti fouling paint to prevent that coral reef from reforming.

Fresh coat of bottom pain

Fresh coat of bottom paint

Hull: It has been a year.. I am sure there are a few scuffs here and there that could be touched up. This is also a good time to do any re caulking. Those hard to reach places on the outside of the rails are much easier to get from a scaffold then from a dingy.

Through-hulls: Those critters we talked about before can find homes anywhere. It is important to make sure the through hulls are completely clear so you are getting a good flow of water to cool the engine, run the A.C., and to the head.

Prop: Chips and dings can lead to unwanted vibrations that could possibly damage the drive train. Most work yards have contacts to get props checked and balanced.

painted prop with new zinc

Painted prop with new zinc

Stuffing box: This is a great time to clean out and repack the stuffing box (way safer to do it on land than in the water)

Zincs: Also, known as sacrificial anodes are added to counteract galvanic corrosion. Be sure to replace the zincs to keep the propeller and running gear from deteriorating.

Zincs with plenty of life left

Every boat is different but these projects are necessary no matter what make or model you have. Creating a plan, having tools and supplies ready, and working efficiently can save you time and money when it comes to hauling your boat.