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  1. André Moya says:

    Hello Bill nice to write you.

    My name is Andre Moya, I am 28 and I am from Brazil.

    I’m following your videos on YouTube for a while and I have many tricks and advice from you.

    I have a boat project (trawler) and I’m going to start building it next summer. So far everything is going very well, my plans, the design, materials and so on.
    Also, even some places I’ve already planned to visit after the boat goes into the water.

    Give me a permission to ask you a big doubt. I tried to find the answers everywhere, websites, sailing blogs, navy, … but nothing yet.  I would like to understand how works the visa if you are visiting the coast of some countries? Let me give you an example.

    I have a goal to visit New Zealand and by law I can stay there for 3 months as tourist visa (I need to apply). However, if I’m going to live on board as you and will not stop for a long time, I can not imagine how much visa I have to apply every time that I decide to go somewhere else.

    I know that 500 miles from coast the ocean belongs the country. Teoricly i have to have visa to be there. But I heard that I just need visa if I put my feet on ground. In this moment my mind twist all information and makes me more confused.

    How do you do? Have you applied visa in all the countries you visited?

    So, thank you very much for your attention and my best energies for you and your crew.

    I wish that in the future we might find ourselves somewhere in this incredible world.

    My best regards.
    Andre Moya.

  2. Patrick Moore says:

    Hello, I am thinking about moving to Florida in my 1978 Chris Craft Catalina and was looking at the anchoring laws that Florida has, what can you tell me about them and where can I anchor for free.

    Thank you


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