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  1. André Moya says:

    Hello Bill nice to write you.

    My name is Andre Moya, I am 28 and I am from Brazil.

    I’m following your videos on YouTube for a while and I have many tricks and advice from you.

    I have a boat project (trawler) and I’m going to start building it next summer. So far everything is going very well, my plans, the design, materials and so on.
    Also, even some places I’ve already planned to visit after the boat goes into the water.

    Give me a permission to ask you a big doubt. I tried to find the answers everywhere, websites, sailing blogs, navy, … but nothing yet.  I would like to understand how works the visa if you are visiting the coast of some countries? Let me give you an example.

    I have a goal to visit New Zealand and by law I can stay there for 3 months as tourist visa (I need to apply). However, if I’m going to live on board as you and will not stop for a long time, I can not imagine how much visa I have to apply every time that I decide to go somewhere else.

    I know that 500 miles from coast the ocean belongs the country. Teoricly i have to have visa to be there. But I heard that I just need visa if I put my feet on ground. In this moment my mind twist all information and makes me more confused.

    How do you do? Have you applied visa in all the countries you visited?

    So, thank you very much for your attention and my best energies for you and your crew.

    I wish that in the future we might find ourselves somewhere in this incredible world.

    My best regards.
    Andre Moya.

  2. Patrick Moore says:

    Hello, I am thinking about moving to Florida in my 1978 Chris Craft Catalina and was looking at the anchoring laws that Florida has, what can you tell me about them and where can I anchor for free.

    Thank you


    • jim says:

      Provided you keep moving every 2-3 months, you will not have a problem with
      “cruising” in Florida. You can anchor most anywhere for free, but keep in mind that many cities have mooring fields which are very cheap and make it easy to use shoreside facilities such as toilets, showers, bike parking, dinghy dock, fresh water tank filling, access to temp jobs,,,,,,,and most important wastewater pump=outs.

  3. Mike White says:

    Hey love the videos, what did the coast guard look for when they stopped you?

  4. kevin says:

    What type of boat is the smaller boat you pull behind? It is a center console of some sort but I like it and am trying to find what kind it is. Thank you! Love the videos!

  5. Tedeau says:

    In total, about how much fuel did you burn getting to Abaco and back? Is that a Detroit Diesel 6-71 I see you pulling the dip stick on in one of your videos? I have to tell you, the quality of your YouTube videos is on a par with the very best videos that the professional videography world had to offer ten years ago. The diving segments alone would make Jacques Cousteau green with envy! What kind of camera equipment are you using?

  6. Alex says:

    Please send e-mail when you publish a new You Tube adventure!

  7. Peter Muller says:

    As I was looking at some of your older adventures it began to look familiar. I grew up in West Islip on the water. I was a fishing fool around Fire Island inlet and the GSB. We were regulars at Atlantique and Watch Hill. Thanks for the memories! We now are retired in Port Orange Fl.

  8. David says:

    Hey Guys,

    How you making out with the boat. Hope it’s not too much of a setback keep us posted wishing the best.


  9. Guy Elford says:


    When you are rebuilding the tranny, and you are installing the new bearings use the old bearing to hammer on. Place the good side of the old bearing on top of the new and let the old bearing take the hits to seat the new one! good luck

    Guy from Calgary

  10. Anonymous says:

    What do you do for healthcare for you and the cool dog?

  11. Scott Petrone says:

    I love all your videos and appreciate your love of kite-boarding as well.

    For me I’d preferably have a fuselage, empennage and 2 engine’s. Keep on following your dreams and continue to produce your excellent videos. BTW you’re excellent with the drone footage.

    “Fair winds and following seas”

  12. Amanda says:

    Hey we love watching your movies on youtube up here in canada. We restored a 1951 chris craft dcfb 34ft. My husband and I love watching your videos, they give us so many good ideas for our own adventures on lake superior. I wish we had the water like you guy have down there. I’m in love with your dog aswell😋 one day when we retire we want to live on a boat like you guys do.

    keep up the great videos

    maybe make a trip up to the greats lakes up the miss😋

  13. Sean Leslie says:

    Hey guys great videos i bought a 1979 36 foot marine trader last year and i am in the process of fixing it up to travel with my wife, alot like you guys do. Your videos are cool and give us an idea of what its like so thanks. Our boat is in wildwood nj at schooner island. When you guys get close to nj let me know if ya need anything. I would love to meet you guys. SEAN

  14. Mike dellinger says:

    Love the ahow (blog). I grew up in the West Palm Beach area so this really brings me home especially since I live in California. I do have 2 questions…1. I wonder if you could be a consultant for folks who want to set up a boat similar to yours an attempt to pull off what you’re doing even if part-time? 2. And I guess this is more of a comment but I know for me when you visit places like st.augustine, in addition to what you show currently I’d love to see more of the city (touristy) when you’re on land

  15. Joey Runey says:

    Hi guys. Love your videos. It seems that you are getting close to Charleston. Are you going to spend any time in Charleston? If so, I would love to meet you and give you a hand. I can drive you to get provisions or our for lunch or dinner. Or if Jetty just needs to get out and run, we have cam so that too. Maybe Jetty and my silky terrier (Elvis) can have a play date.

  16. William says:

    Been watching for a while an subscribed yesterday .I really enjoy watching you all do what I always wanted to do is to live on a boat.I know I’m just a little late but here gose HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY just got got done watching you blow out your candles … And for a suggestion for jetti potting try litterpan with sand

  17. William says:

    Its Me again let me no when you try it an if it works just give shout out on show Thanks

  18. Jim says:

    Try awesome info. Lots of good post from millions of boaters.

  19. Doug Robbie says:

    Getting the dog to pee and poop on rug on deck…..
    Try peeing on the rug yourself, or pouring your pee from a jar on rug, this is what some cruisers have done with good results.

  20. Peter Muller says:

    I found this post for Ford Lehman parts on craigslist. It might be of use to you in the future.

    Be safe Capt Bill and First Mate Sierra!

  21. Alex says:

    Planning to do NJ inside or outside? I’m buying a small trawler in New England, will come south late July and early August to NC. Do you do deliveries? Thanks! Are you heading up the Dismal Swamp or North River in NC? Elizabeth City is fantastic for free city docks over night, provisions nearby. Good things in Belhaven NC, too. Best wishes!

  22. Oliden Valdes says:

    I really enjoy all your videos, they are all so crisp. Do you mind telling me what you are using? Is that a gopro?

  23. Peter Muller says:

    Some of my varsity swim team friends were life guards at Atlantique. We used to spend the every weekend tied up in a slip. Sipped a few beers, swam and surfed. When it got dark we took the walk down the beach to you know where. Small world! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 45 years ago.
    I knew exactly where you were from the aerial camera work you do so well!

    Thanks for the memories!
    Pete and Chris in Daytona Beach

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hey you mentioned something about a catamaran in the future. I found a nice one boats .com or boattrader…can’t remember which. Search sailing cats….its up in the Connecticut area. 30 feet by 14 wide 20K. I was thinking about looking at it myself. I liked it because you can run it with an outboard. I don’t sail….yet. figured you might want to check it out since your in the area.

  25. Andrew says:

    What weather sites do you use to get the weather for planning your legs up. I have enjoyed the video and look foward to more.



  26. Robert Nunn says:

    Hello bill I found your you tube videos while I head sailing (that’s taking a trip in my head without ever leaving the farm) . I grew up in Miami back in the good ol days, have been to some of the places you have been. I lived a salty life back then. Lots of diving , spear fishing,fishing ,lobster etc.etc. My good friend Jack had a treasure hunting boat and lease in Bimini. That was in the 80′ lots of fun . Actually way to much fun! Me and my wife Paige live in the Panhandle now on a cattle farm. We go camping in the winter in Florida and explore the places we never had time to see . Because we where working our ass’s off and also partying our ass’s off in the Keys ,Big Cypress hunting camps and Bahamas. If you guys get to the Panhandle there are lots of springs to see and dive (Jackson blue springs,cypress springs , Morrison springs ,vortex springs etc) . Plus good rivers and creeks to paddle. You might check out Destin Harbor in summer time for teaching wind surfing if you still do that . Lots of tourists in summer = lots of money. This has been long winded,sorry.We are in Crystal River now to do sum kayaking (Rainbow River / Weeki Wachee River ). Call us if you make it up here and we will show you guys around.

  27. Alex says:

    On the way from Bristol RI to Chocowinity NC in my trawler I found myself tied up at a boat yard with Tula last night/this morning. She looks great. Billy, if you want to know where, and see a current picture, send me an email. In respect for the current owner, I won’t post the location.

  28. Anonymous says:

    What is a good mailing address?

  29. Alex says:

    Anonymous: If you are Billy or Sierra, I’ll be glad to share a picture of Tula and her location, but if you’re Billy or Sierra, you already have my e-mail from my registering for your blog.

    If you’re not Billy or Sierra, I don’t plan to send the picture or location of Tula.


  30. Randy says:

    Tried to order 2 hoodies 2 priemium shirts and 2 long sleeves. Tried 5 times too frustrating Forget it just makes you mad. I feel dumber trying it again and getting screwed over and over

  31. Frank Ladd says:

    I recently saw where you have been posting links to your Youtube videos on Facebook. I think you may not get the revenue from the adds when people watch this way by clicking on a facebook link.

    So you may want to look in to that and if it is true then post a link to your blog with a note about the video in facebook. Then people can go to your blog to read the note and click the link to the video there and you’ll get the ad revenue. This is the way SV Seeker introduces their videos on facebook.

    We really like the videos and hope you are both doing well!

  32. Winston says:

    Really like the shirt! I had no problem ordering.

    When you heading South?

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