Many of you might be wondering how to get out of the typical 9-5 grind. We have been living on a boat and avoiding desk jobs for a few years now and at first it wasn’t easy. We started filming and sharing our daily boat life adventures on Youtube. In the beginning our only followers […]

Cleaning Vinyl Boat Seats

The vinyl seats on our boat were custom made thirty years ago. We looked at how much it would cost to get them remade and we could not believe how expensive it was. We thought it would be a better idea to put that money into something more important rather than just making our vinyl […]

Dog swims with spotted dolphin!

We have been lucky enough to bring Jetty on all our adventures and we have finally gotten the import process for the Bahamas down pat. Here is what you need to do/bring so your best bud can enjoy the Bahamas with you. All dogs entering the Bahamas must be accompanied by an import permit. This […]

Crazy couple lives on a boat
How to stay fit while living on a boat

One thing that is a constant struggle while living and traveling on a boat is how to stay fit! We try our very best to do some sort of workout everyday. However, when we are traveling to new places everyday it is hard to ensure that we will make landfall before it gets dark and […]

Using the GoPro Fetch

You do not need to have the newest and most expensive gear to take great footage. Being able to create great content is a mixture of a good story, creativity, understanding camera shooting settings, knowing when to use such settings, keeping a steady hand, and of course having some sort of eye for editing. All […]

Using an iPad as a Navigation Setup