Living life on a Boat

We get a lot of comments wondering what in the world we do on the boat all day. Many people assume that we would get bored and sick of each other. The truth is that our boat is our home. So we do pretty much the same thing you do in your house. Here is […]

We were looking for a place to hide from the weather, provision, dive, and just explore. We found it all right at the Marathon City Marina. We rented a mooring ball for a week while we had some super strong north winds blowing. Being on a mooring definitely helps us sleep sounder at night because […]

Lobstering is a great activity for all ages but it is very important to know all the regulations before you go out for a day of diving. Below is a list of the current Florida Spiny Lobster Regulations. When is the season? Mini Season is always the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday of July each year […]

Where can you lobster in the Florida Keys

We have taken multiple trips to the keys but each visit we find ourselves spending ample amount of time trying to figure out where we can legally lobster. This article is here to map out where you can and cannot lobster in the Florida Keys. Lobstering is Prohibited in the following areas: • Artificial Habitats […]

Where can you anchor in Florida

Where can you anchor in Florida? I have to admit before doing my research for this article I had no idea what the exact laws for anchoring in Florida were. Pretty sad taking into consideration we have been living aboard, primarily at anchor, for over three years. My thought was, as long as you were […]

Florida Anchoring Laws

As of late 2017 the Florida Anchoring Laws are as follows: You may not anchor or moor within 150 of any marina, boat ramp, boatyard, or other vessel launching or loading facility  You may  not anchor within 300 feet of a facility that services or repairs a yacht with a water line of 120 feet or more […]

How we afford to buy and sell boats

Many of you may be wondering how we afford to buy and sell boats. The truth of the matter is that we are really good at fixing stuff that other people do not want to worry about. Way back when Billy noticed an old forgotten about sailboat that had been sitting in the same marina year […]

Solar powered vent fan

There is no doubt about it, keeping a boat moisture-free is next to impossible. But keeping a boat’s moisture levels under control is super important unless you like breathing in mold. Here are a few simple tips on how to control humidity on a boat and keep your vessel mold and mildew free.   Doors, […]

Gift guide for boater

With the busiest shopping day of the year only a few hours away it is time to start thinking about the gifts you will be giving. Thinking of great gifts for all of your loved ones is difficult. This article is a guide to help you find a great gift for the boater(s) in your life! […]