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We have been lucky enough to bring Jetty on all our adventures and we have finally gotten the import process for the Bahamas down pat. Here is what you need to do/bring so your best bud can enjoy the Bahamas with you.

All dogs entering the Bahamas must be accompanied by an import permit. This permit is issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, and Industry. The application for this permit is super simple to fill out and asks for basic information such as your address, type of animal, age (must be at least 6 months old) and breed.

Dog import permit for the Bahamas

Dog import permit for the Bahamas


The application must be filled out by hand and mailed to:

Director of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Trade and Industry,

P.O. Box N-3704,

Nassau, The Bahamas.

With the application, you must also send a $10.00 processing fee for each animal as well as a $5.00 fax fee if you wish for the permit to be faxed to you (Cash or money order ONLY). I HIGHLY recommend getting the permit faxed back rather than mailed. International mail can take FOREVER and remember the person issuing your permit is on island time so it takes a while just for it to be processed.


Once you receive the permit it is good for one use within a year from when it was issued. That is why I recommend getting the permit process started first and then start working on the other requirements.


Next thing you need to worry about is when your dog last got his/her Rabies vaccine. The vaccine cannot be less than one month old. So, if your dog is almost up for a renewal, plan accordingly. The vaccine must also be in good standing status for at least two months after your expected arrival.

Rabies vaccine certificate printed for Bahamas

Rabies vaccine certificate printed for Bahamas


Lastly, you will need a valid signed health certificate from a licensed veterinarian. According to all the research, I have done this health certificate is supposed to be completed and signed within 48 hours of your arrival to the Bahamas. But if you are like us you are trying to wait for perfect weather and usually, we head a little farther south to make for an easy crossing. How in the world are we supposed to get a health certificate, pack the boat, and be a two days’ journey south before we even cross over? Honestly, they look at the permit for about half a second before they stamp it. I usually take Jetty to get her physical about a week before we plan to leave. They have never given us a hard time (knock on wood).

Jetty's Health Certificate

Jetty’s Health Certificate

Let us know if you have any other questions regarding the import process of your best friend!

You can also check out the video we did on this process.