Rock Out 2 Speaker

Here is a short Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Speaker review. This speaker produces awesome sound from anything with an audio jack. I use it with my iPhone or laptop when I want the extra volume with quality. I do not have experience with the original Rock Out speaker but the Rock Out 2 is suppose to be an improvement.


The speaker charges through an attached USB cable and can be connected to any of Goal Zero’s solar panels or power packs. If you have a small media player such as an iPhone or iPod, you simply plug the audio jack in then zip it inside the Rock Out 2 case. Turn the speaker on and you can control volume, pause/play, and skip/back all through external buttons.


The portable speaker has a lithium battery with life of 20+ hours. The Rock Out 2 is also “chainable” so you can plug multiple speakers together for amplified sound. Goal Zero claims the speaker to be “weather resistant” which I do not plan to test too aggressively but it does seem durable enough to resist moisture and low impact as well as protect your media device while inside the case. I love the bungee on the back of the speaker to attach it almost anywhere. I have used it to attach the speaker to the stanchion on my sailboat, on my bike, and to the shifter in my truck.


I recommend this speaker for any traveller, sailor, or anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors and loves their music. Below is my short video review of the Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Speaker. Enjoy!