Many of you might be wondering how to get out of the typical 9-5 grind. We have been living on a boat and avoiding desk jobs for a few years now and at first it wasn’t easy. We started filming and sharing our daily boat life adventures on Youtube. In the beginning our only followers were our families and close friends. We were both working multiple jobs at that point.  Our first goal was to make a dollar a day for a month. Obviously that is not enough to live off of in the U.S. but it was a step, and more importantly it was hope. We slowly started growing our goals and just recently finished our last day of seasonal work with no intention of applying for other jobs. Here are the major ways we keep a steady income while vlogging our crazy lifestyle.

Marine Trader Trawler

Our Home! A Marine Trader Trawler

  • Google Adsense: I know that ad in front of the video is annoying but it helps us make a few fractions of a cent per view. Companies pay google to have their ads shown and Google pays us for showing it to our audience.


    Tula’s Endless Summer Youtube Page

  • Amazon affiliate: EVERYONE shops on amazon these days. I mean how can you not with free two-day shipping? We have set up an Amazon affiliate link so we receive commission on items our viewers buy. All they have to do is click our link before shopping. There is no extra cost to them and we get a small percentage. SUPER EASY! Click here!!!
  • Patreon: Viewers can pledge a certain amount of money per uploaded video. Who needs Netflix when you have actual reality T.V.?!?


    Whatever Floats Your Boat Tshirt Design

  • Apparel: We have started working with Bonfire, a design and technology company that helps people design and sell custom clothing.  They create designs around our ideas and help us sell them at no up-front cost to us. We do not have to worry about orders, payments, or shipping. They handle it all. As you might have guessed we do not have much room on the boat to store inventory.
  • Sponsored ads: Companies will pay us to talk about their products. Sometimes we reach out to them and sometimes they find us.  We only agree to things we love and trust. Viewers know when you are trying to be salesy and when you are just being honest. Here is an example!
  • Seasonal Jobs: In the summer, we both lifeguard on Fire Island. In the winter, Billy teaches kiteboarding and I lifeguard or teach swim lessons. However, we have recently eliminated this mode of income because of our success in the ones mentioned above.

As we grow in the Youtube world and reach more people we really want to emphasize that working at a desk is not for everyone. There are plenty of ways out there to make money. Just be creativeJ and don’t give up!