Crossfit Beach Fun

A few people have given me the idea to start doing video blogs to bring you a glimpse of my life. Here is my first segment. I had a blast wakesurfing and wakeboarding on professional wakeboarder, Sean O’Brien’s boat with the crew from the kite shop. The wake was literally waste to chest high and clean when we were wake surfing! We had some great wipeouts too. Standup paddling season is kicking in and I have been doing some more flat water paddling myself to enjoy the scenery and stay on the water despite the lack of waves and wind. Crossfit has been keeping me in tremendous shape and we did a longggg workout memorial day weekend to honor a fallen Navy Seal. Afterwards I had a blast with my gym rat friends at the beach and in the pool making human pyramids and recovering from the long morning. Check out the video blog I made for the week and don’t blink or you might miss something. If you enjoy this, even just a little bit, please subscribe to my youtube channel and hit those “like” and “share” buttons until your fingers go numb. I am stoked to have your support. Thank you!!!